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NATUHANA Easy Fan Volume Lashes: Automatic Flowering False Silk Eyelashes - Camellia Eye Extensions for Effortless Makeup Enhancement

NATUHANA Easy Fan Volume Lashes: Automatic Flowering False Silk Eyelashes - Camellia Eye Extensions for Effortless Makeup Enhancement

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Easy Fan Volume False Eyelash Extension: Auto Fanning Bloom Camellia Eyelashes Extension

Eyelash Extension Grade: Top grade, soft and natural looking eyelash extension

Easy Fan Volume Eyelash Extension Experience: more than 15 years - easy fan volume eyelash extension

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Brand Name: NATUHANA

Model Number: NATUHANA Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Item Type: Eyelashes Extension

Quantity: 12rows eyelash extension

False Eyelash Material: Synthetic Hair

Size: Automatic Flowering Eyelash Extension

False Eyelashes Type: Camellia Eyelash

False Eyelashes Sort: Eyelashes Extension

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Manufacturing Process: Hand Made

False Eyelashe Length: 1cm-1.5cm

False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long

False Eyelashes Terrier: Transparent plastic

CN: Shanghai

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

NATUHANA Easy Fan Volume Lashes Automatic Flowering Cilios False Silk Eyelashes Auto Fanning Bloom Camellia Eye Extension makeup


· Natural Matte Black, Made out of ultra soft premium quality synthetic fibre

· Softest Cashmere Finish Feel, Light and Softer

· 2mm Strip for Easy Fan Making.

· Stickiness adjusted for perfect fan making.

· Now Available in 0.05 0.07 C and D curl.

· 12Rows, Individual and Mixed Trays.

· 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

NATUHANA products are NEVER tested on animals. No animals were harmed in the making of NATUHANA products.

NATUHANA Easy Fan (also known as Camellia) eyelash extensions are staggered with multiple lengths in each row. This is not a mixed tray. Each row has three different lengths, which mimics the eyelashes natural growth cycle. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your lash set more easily than single length lashes.

Watch this video for more information.

Top Tip!

Use with our Champagne Gold Volume Lash Tweezers and Volume Extreme Eyelash Adhesive

Easy Fanning Lashes Q&A

A :Don’t Easy Fanning Lashes have super bulky roots?

This is one of the common misconceptions about Easy Fanning lashes. Manufacturers of Easy Fanning Lashes use a special adhesive to hold the base of the lashes together, and when there is too much adhesive used, the base can look thick and bulky.

We are proud to say that after many years of trial and error, we have found the perfect amount of glue to hold the lashes together without creating any thickness at the base.

B:My Easy Fanning Lashes are sticky at the bottom and they don’t fan out properly. Why is that?

The reason why some lash artists find that the base of Easy Fanning lash is too sticky is because the fan was opened with the wrong method. With the right application method, the sticky bottom doesn’t happen.

Always make sure to wiggle from at least 1mm AWAY from the bottom root (see our how-to video) so your tweezers don’t touch the adhesive between the lashes.

C: Can I use glue aid for Easy Fanning Lashes?

Glue bond like Extension Base helps cure any adhesive you are using faster than it usually cures. This solution must be applied at the base of the lash strips. Unfortunately, glue aid can mess up the special adhesive used at the base of the Easy Fanning lash.

If glue bond is applied on the base of the Easy Fanning Lashes, the adhesive of the strip can get gooey and messy, which will make your easy fanning experience not so easy anymore! So, glue aids are a no-no for Easy Fanning lashes.

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